Which is the best area to live in East Delhi?

Which is the best area to live in East Delhi?

Which is the best area to live in East Delhi?

Looking for the best area to live in East Delhi? Wondering how is Mandawali to invest in property and whether would it be a good choice from a future perspective

Well, let us help you make the right decision by throwing light on some important aspects as to why you should opt for Mandawali in East Delhi and why and whom you must choose as the best property dealer in East Delhi to make your life easier in this regard.

First things first – You need to choose the best and most trustworthy property dealer in East Delhi, who can not only exhibit the best options to you, but also ensure that you get nothing but the best in terms of tranquility, commutation, and lifestyle. You want someone to look into the livable, affordable and practical aspects of buying a property in East Delhi.

And this is where FlatWala.com, which is run by Ujjwal Aggarwal, comes into the picture. Ujjwal Aggarwal is quite an esteemed name in this circle, especially as the best property dealer in East Delhi. He has earned his reputation through consistent hard work, his trustworthy attitude, and always guiding property buyers in the right direction through his expertise and experience of 35+ years in this industry. 

Why FlatWala.com is the best property dealer for you in East Delhi?

Based on transparency and trust, Ujjwal Aggarwal and his team relentlessly work towards providing you with nothing but the best when it comes to options for flats for sale in East Delhi. 

We take into consideration all the major factors such as:

  • Lifestyle
  • Community and Neighborhood
  • Amenities
  • Proximity to schools, hospitals, parks, shopping malls, etc.
  • Easy access to Transportation
  • Budget
  • Preferences
  • Authenticity

We comprehend the various requirements of our clients based on their search criteria. And thus we strive hard to always provide you with all the relevant and necessary information about any property that you wish and help you make a well-informed decision. When it comes to a transparent process, customer satisfaction, and professional guidance, nothing beats FlatWala.com. Our customized services are complete value for money as well.

How is Mandawali to invest in property in East Delhi?

Considering the skyrocketing property rates in East Delhi, Mandawali offers the best and most affordable choices for anyone looking for a wide array of properties suiting different preferences. 

Mandawali in East Delhi has a “very own neighborhood” vibe that has been flourishing for a long time now and still continues to do so with its enchanting environment oozing tranquility. 

It truly offers a unique blend of serene surroundings along with the modern-day hustle and bustle of the cities. You have the convenience to connect to the modern hubs, and business bays alike. It has evolved as a prime location with promising investment opportunities which are growing rapidly with every passing day.

Also, owing to the diverse range of properties in this area to match every preference, Mandawali is home to the amalgamation of modern and traditional house designs. The property rates in Mandawali are also quite affordable and suit every requirement.

Properties by FlatWala.com in Mandawali, East Delhi

Currently, there are two eye-catching sites in Mandawali that are being sold out rapidly, namely, Durga Gali Mandawali and Shiv Mandir Marg Mandawali under the FlatWala bandwagon. These are the best types of residential properties to invest in east Delhi under 25 lacs.

Here are the flat specifications:

Site no. 1: Durga Gali Mandawali:

Address: A-460, Durga Gali, Mandawali, Delhi –  110092

Building specifications: 

6 floors, 17 flats, 1 parking

Super Area of Building – 180 sq. yard

Covered Area in each flat: 50 sq. yard

Flat Rates: Starts from 18 lacs to 26 lacs

For more details please visit the website: https://ujjwalflatwala.com/durga-gali-mandawali/

Site no. 2: Shiv Mandir Marg Mandawali 

Address: A-123, Shiv Mandir Marg, Mandawali, Delhi –  110092

Building specifications: 

6 floors, 10 flats, 1 parking, 2 shops

Super Area of Building – 160 sq. yard

Covered Area in each flat: 70 sq. yard

First shop: 27 sq. yard

Second shop: 70 sq. yard 

Flat Rates: Starts from 40 lacs to 45 lacs

Shop Rates: 27 sq. yard: 55 lacs, 70 sq. yard: 1 crore

For more details please visit the website: https://ujjwalflatwala.com/shiv-mandir-marg-mandawali/

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